Ritz Bio

Ritz Bio

Ritz Bio
Specially designed to offer superior security, Ritz comes with ‘i-buzz’ – an inbuilt alarm system that alerts the user in case the safe is tampered with.Equipped with sophisticated features, the safe is available in two variants ‘Ritz Touchpad’ and ‘Ritz Bio’ to offer secure storage as well as convenient access to cash, credit/debit cards, jewellery and important documents among other valuables. The sleek LED display on the front takes the user experience to the next level, while the ‘i-buzz’ system offers reliable security.

Protection level : Medium


Fast and accurate verification for authentic access

Fingerprint capture using advanced optics

Can store upto 30 fingerprint templates

Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts

Related Information
Dimensions (H x W x D) 330 x 400 x 320
Weight (kg) 22
Volume (litres) 28

All Dimensions are in mm