A safe enabled with an advanced swipe reader. that can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit cards. It not only enhances your security, but also adds to the elegance of your well done interiors.
Protection level : Standard


Opens with a 3-6 digit secret password and/or by the swiping of personal debit/credit card

Heavy duty push-button keypad.

Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts

Enabled with a master password

Non volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low

Mechanical override in case password is forgotten.

Magnetic strip reader

Low battery indicator

Motorised shooting bolts

USB data retrieval*

Interior carpet

Related Information

Usage  Homes, Financial Institutions, Offices, Shops, Hotels, Hospitals etc.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 250 x 455 x 375
Body Thickness (Wall) 2
Body Thickness (Door) 5
Weight (kg) 16
Volume (litres) 35

All Dimensions are in mm