A top open safe that is ideal for consumers who seek that extra bit of security for their valuables, and thus prefer hiding them within their beds or flooring.
The top open safe, though ideal for hiding within the user’s flooring, can also be installed inside a drawer. It comes with a feather touch keypad and double hydraulic shafts to offer the user easy access to his valuables. A mechanical override option is also available in case the password is forgotten.
Protection level : Standard

Top open safe

Double hydraulic shafts

Easy access to valuables

Installation in bed/ ground/drawer possible

Mechanical override in case password is forgotten

Feather touch keypad

Motorised shooting bolts

Non volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low

Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts

Opens with a 3-6 digit secret password

USB data retrieval*

Low battery indicator

Enabled with a master password

Digital locking mechanism

Related Information
Dimensions (H x W x D) 180 x 400 x 350
Body Thickness (Wall) 1.2
Body Thickness (Door) 5
Weight (kg) 13
Volume (litres) 25

All Dimensions are in mm